At the office in Newport, agriculture is a special concern. Not only have the Watsons owned and managed farmland for generations, but they have done all the legal work necessary for these farm operations, and for those of many other farmers in the region as well. The Watsons care about farmers because they are farmers, and they proudly serve the Arkansas farm community by offering assistance with every aspect of agricultural law.

This assistance includes:


As every farmer knows, crop insurance is an absolute necessity in the modern farm economy. When disaster strikes, claims are managed by the USDA’s Risk Management Agency. Unfortunately sometimes they must be challenged by appeal to the National Appeals Division. If you find yourself in this situation, Watson & Watson will be there for you every step of the way.


Being a good neighbor is more than common courtesy, it is good business. Sometimes however conflicts are inevitable. Watson & Watson is here to assist you with these, whether you are dealing with disputes over the boundary lines of your property, or easements, or even difficult nuisances like chemical drift and water pollution.


Farm work is hard work, and good employees are scarce. Hiring seasonal labor from Latin America and other foreign countries is often the only way that Arkansas farmers can meet their needs. Watson & Watson is here to assist with the H2A visa process from start to finish.

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