Real Estate and Property Transactions

Whether you are purchasing or selling real estate, there is always a substantial amount of money involved. Watson & Watson is there to protect your investment. With years of experience in real estate transactions, Watson & Watson knows how to guide clients through the process to arrive at the best possible outcome.

The Real Estate Contract: Watson & Watson

Watson & Watson reviews, revises, negotiates, and drafts real estate contracts, and clients can be confident that their interests will be protected.

The Benefits of Using Watson & Watson: Residential

Watson & Watson will carefully review:

  • Title
  • Title insurance
  • Mortgage loan documents
  • Plat of land survey
  • Deed
  • Inspection property reports

Watson & Watson will also review the bill of sale to ensure that personal property, such as appliances, are included as part of the deal. They can assist in negotiating unpaid prorated expenses that may be due you from the seller, including utilities, condominium assessments and property taxes. Plus, they are always happy to assist and counsel homebuyers through purchase negotiations.

Commercial Property Real Estate Transactions

As an experienced commercial real estate law firm, Watson & Watson can draft and negotiate leases and sales agreements to address environmental problems and zoning issues. They have years of experience working with commercial lenders, landlords, commercial buyers, commercial sellers, title insurers and investors. Watson & Watson can also help if your business is facing a lawsuit, such as a nuisance case or eminent domain

Whether it’s office space, a warehouse, retail stores or other property– it’s often critical to your business’s growth and long-term success. Watson & Watson can help you understand and evaluate your options, while reviewing purchase, sale or lease agreements.

Whether you are an individual or business facing a real estate transaction, Watson & Watson will ensure a smooth and secure transaction. Call them today and let their experience work for you.